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A personal note from our hearts….to yours.

We have battled almost everyday these past two years for this upcoming commission meeting. For the first time ever, there will be a vote to implement the Pets’ Trust funding that people voted for. On August 26th, we win….or lose. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The Commissioners will look into the audience and count how many people care about saving the lives of our animals. Sometimes it is really that simple. They need to see we care! We need you in that auditorium.

This is what we have all worked for since the beginning of the Pets’ Trust. There will be six commissioners and we must pass this committee. We will need four votes to win. Please do whatever it takes to be there for our animals and be part of this historic day. We won on July 14th,..NOW WE NEED TO WIN ON AUGUST 26th. It is the FIRST time there will be an official vote on the Pets’ Trust as the people voted.

We are all united -- to get your red t-shirt for this event, please call Rita at 305 491 5651.

WHEN: August 26th 2:00 P.M. It will last about one hour.
WHERE: Government Center – 111 NW 1st St. Miami, FL
More information to follow! PLEASE STAY TUNED and SPREAD THE WORD…

With immense appreciation for your help…
Rita Schwartz…..Michael Rosenberg Founders of OUR Pets’ Trust